Installing CBHC

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Ensure that you have backed up your system NAND before proceeding

Coldboot Haxchi (CBHC) is Haxchi, but automatically launched on boot. This means that whenever you turn on your Wii U, you’ll automatically be launched into a patched sysNAND.

CBHC will replace your Haxchi title, so I’d recommend installing the Homebrew Channel first if you haven’t already. This will allow easy access to the Homebrew Launcher from the Home Menu. If you want to keep your Haxchi title while also having CBHC, you’ll need to buy another Haxchi-compatible game from the eShop and install Haxchi again on that title.

Before we start

  1. Make sure you have a working Haxchi installation
  2. Make sure your Haxchi title is on the Wii U’s System Memory
  3. Make sure your Haxchi title was bought from the eShop
  4. Make sure you have removed all USB devices before proceeding
  5. Never uninstall the CBHC title
  6. Never reinstall the game you used for your CBHC title
  7. Never move the CBHC title to a USB drive
  8. Never delete the account NNID which purchased the CBHC title
  9. Never format your Wii U while CBHC is installed
  10. Never update or reinstall Haxchi while CBHC is installed

Failing to follow these instructions will result in a brick


  1. Download the latest release of CBHC
  2. Extract the contents of the CBHC .zip to the root of your SD card
  3. Insert the SD card into your Wii U
  4. Launch the Haxchi title to reboot into a patched sysNAND
  5. Launch the Homebrew Launcher from the Home Menu
    • Optionally launch the Haxchi title again while holding A to launch the Homebrew Launcher
  6. Launch the CBHC installer
  7. Read the warning and then press A to install
  8. Once finished, you’ll be kicked back to the Home Menu
    • You can now reconnect any USB storage devices
  9. Reboot your Wii U
  10. Go down to Autoboot: Disabled and press A to enable autoboot
  11. Select Boot System Menu
  12. Reboot again to make sure everything works correctly
    • Optional: Move your CBHC title to somewhere where it won’t annoy you

You’re done! I highly recommend to start blocking updates.